today is jan 24th….

There will be a big fire in Boston at least 3-4 die, exceedingly tragic circumstances.


By Feb2 the Gov Shutdown will be over.


There will be a plane crash in Africa within 45 days…over 30 killed…surprising more are not killed, plane could accommodate more passengers, but wasn’t carrying for some reason.

Volcano in Philippines area will erupt by summer

Crypto crashes except one based on “Space travel” 

Kanye will be institutionalized by Fall but public wont know immediately.

Kylie Jenner gets preggos this year

Trump get indicted/officially accused of OBSTRUCTION…not collusion…but his family members are NOT so lucky..

MORE BIG UFO news comes out; science on materials…and new witnesses…and cases…plus new info on Rendleshem

South American leader assassinated in daylight

Comedian Kevin Hart gets in car accident…

School mass shooting west of Mississippi before Sept.

(TOALICOLSENPRO) + Secret key who I am..

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