Trump Election Dream

On the morning of October 20, I dreamed I was with a number of people in a public place. I forget what we were concerned with, but it was not politics. Suddenly, we heard a woman speaking over a public address system. I could not understand a word she said, so I was about to make a joke about her using a string attached to a paper cup, when someone said, “She just said that Trump won by a narrow margin.” Shortly after this, I woke up. The dream felt so real, at first, that I thought it must be the day after the election, and I had forgotten to vote.

I would not have expected the outcome of the election predicted in my dream. For one thing, I expected that the election would not be close, and that if it is, nobody in the media will call it for Trump right away, precisely because of it is too close to call.

Today it occurred to me that if my dream is truly prophetic, the message might refer to a particular state rather than the whole nation. I live in Virginia where Biden is expected to win, but the feeling I have gotten from my recent travels around central Virginia is that Trump will win the rural vote, which could give Biden more of a run than the polls are predicting. (If you only poll Virginia cities, Biden wins by a safe margin.)

Obviously, I have not been able to forget this dream.

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