The space craft

This dream had a strange connection.  I dreamt that I was lowering down into the cockpit of a aircraft.  I remember locking into my gear and I was on my back looking up at the larger ship I was docked to.  It was massive.  The size was that of a planet at least.  The next thing I recall is flying the ship.  I am using my mind to do so.  All controls outside of that are in front of me my via a sort of virtual reality view.  I am being chased by a human plane.  I hear the command to return fire, but in a language I can not say I have ever heard before.  I know that I refused the order and attempted to evade.  From my recall I was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I took a hit to the right front side. I want to say starboard but not sure if that wording is correct.  A hole blew out and sucked my navigator out.  I recall reaching for her right as she was pulled out.  Then these strange symbols flashed up virtual reality in front of me. I recall ejecting from the “stream” is what I knew it to be.  I woke up crying and said out loud ” don’t forget the key.”  I remember putting the key in my mouth before ejecting. Later a reporter friend of mine listened to me tell him about my dream and then advised that he had just spoken to witnesses who described a UFO crash in Rio exactly as I described my dream.  He believed I was actually there some how. Maybe in another life? I don’t know.  The key I remembered for a short period and it is buried in my hard drive some where, which fried as my computers often do.  I fry them, or lightening does.  I have issues with electric things.  I zap them when I am upset and I have destroyed well over a dozen or more computers and done part of them thru a network at once.  Lightening tends to be attracted to me.  One of the computers was hit when there was not a cloud in the sky one night.  So it is a rule now around here that I do not touch the computers when I am upset. I have lost count on the phones that were destroyed.  Tablets are too many to count. Ipods, stereos. You name it. I have done it some how.  I am a walking disaster.  It’s embarrassing  I get struck by lightening more than what is normal for anyone in the car.  My car is a bit confused because of it.  Meaning the computer parts.   I digress.  the key is in one of those hard drives.  It went to a portal or gate I believe. This sounds like rambling, but the coincidence was interesting I thought. 

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