The five dragons

I have a repeated dream.  I am walking up a hill.. there is smoke billowing up over the top of the hill.  I can hear screaming blasts.  I can smell the smoke and burning flesh.  It is a smell you never forget. I reach the top of the hill and see a great battle going on in the valley.  there are five dragons in they sky that change color from red, yellow, white, black, and green.  there is a man on top of one of them who has a crescent moon at his dead and stars at his feet.  He carries with him a double edge sword. A man appears next to me and says his name is John.  He said that the man commands the leviathan, of which I believe to be a submarine.  I digress.  The sun begins to rise with 12 rays coming from it.  He points to it and says the real battle  will begin now.  Some will choose the sun and some with choose earth.  I asked him what the difference was.  He said the journey. 

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