In 2000, I was a government investigator who worked across the street from the World Trade Center. For the New Millennium celebration; former Mayor Rudy Giuliani spearheaded a year long outdoor exhibition called the Cow Parade. I have a press release he issued a few months earlier in which he said the Cow Parade was expected to bring New York City an extra $500 million dollars through increased tourism. Almost overnight; beginning in the spring of 2000, the mayor allowed five hundred surreal and bizarre looking life size statues of cows and calves to be erected in the streets, on sidewalks, in front of stores, office buildings, apartment complexes, by schools & courts and in parks. These odd looking statues quickly became idols because of the imaginative ways in which they were designed and sculpted. They did not really look like cows and calves but strange mutations of them. In any case; the 500 Cow Parade idols were displayed in the 5 boroughs of New York City: Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx but most of them were situated all over Manhattan since that is where the tourists flock to. Among these weird, abstractly designed idols were a cow statue, covered with $100.00 bills all over it. Giuliani also saw fit to allow a golden calf idol to be displayed on Broadway near Wall Street and in front of two churches no less. He also allowed the setting up of two small scale replicas of the Twin Towers, about thirty feet high but with cow heads on top of them and cow limbs and hooves protruding from various angles. They were called the Twin Cowers and were exhibited outdoors in front of the real Twin Towers. I recalled the Exodus 32 account of the golden calf idol in which Moses ordered his men to slay whoever was responsible for it’s creation. The Bible records that in one day, about 3,000 people lay murdered by the swords of men, loyal to Moses. In February of 2001; some months afterward, I myself began to experience visions in my mind’s eye of hijacked jets crashing into the Twin Towers. I sensed premonitions that told me the jets would be hijacked by arab islamic terrorists and in due time, I sensed the airlines that would be targeted for hijacking would be United and American Airlines because their names best represent the name of the USA. I sensed the terrorists had been living in the USA for some time, learning to fly commercial jetliners to carry out these attacks. I had never before had such visions and premonitions and because they were terrifying to me, I tried my best to get them ‘out of my head’. But I felt as if I were a receiving station and that these strange signals were being broadcast to me from another realm of the spiritual world. I did not know for sure if God or an angel had transmitted these things to me or not, only that I seemed to have inadvertently tuned into an otherworldly frequency that beckoned the Twilight Zone. I came, in time, to sense that God wanted me to write down what I saw, felt and heard. At times, I seemed to be able to hear a silent voice speaking to me, issuing warning after warning about these visions which I received seven days a week between Feb. 2001 right up until the day before 9-11. I kept hearing an inner voice, if you will, urging me to warn the people who worked in the Twin Towers of my premonitions but I resisted because I thought my imagination was running away with me. I was an investigator, used to dealing in facts, not wild delusions. Three nights before 9-11, one of the last warnings I received told me that between Saturday, Sept. 8th and Saturday, Sept. 15th, the World Trade Center would not be left standing and with them, the Twin Towers would also be gone. The day before 9-11, Monday, Sept. 10th, I awoke with a verse from the book of Revelation that haunted me nonstop all day. It was about the rider on the pale horse whose name was death and how hell followed with him. I felt for sure this was connected to the many visions I had of terrorists dooming the Twin Towers but how was I to know this scenario would actually play out literally the following morning on 9-11? But it did, to my horror, shock and regret. After 9-11, I reread the Exodus 32 story of how ‘about’ 3,000 people, like 9-11, had been killed because of their involvement with a golden calf idol. And then I read in some Jewish websites how it has always been Hebrew tradition that when Moses decreed the Ten Commandments to the Jews a second time, it was on Sept. 10th. Then I saw how some photos of the Twin Towers under attack on 9-11 seemed to have gaping holes on them at longitudes and latitudes that replicated the time of 9:11 as far as the floors of the towers where the hijacked jets crashed into and also where their debris exited the towers. Look at the photos I posted on to see what I mean or just Google it. I also discovered, after 9-11, a verse in the book of Isaiah 33:18 which mirrored the visions and premonitions about 9-11 that I had, as if God had spoken to Isaiah to write in a prophecy what I would see thousands of years later. Examine the words of Isaiah 33:18 in the King James Bible: ‘Thine heart will meditate TERROR. Where is the SCRIBE? Where is the RECEIVER? Where is HE that counted the TOWERS? I see it now as a hidden prophecy wrapped in words that were like a secret code. Isaiah penned those words and didn’t even know why God inspired him to write them. I have much more to reveal in this true story; revelations that I have since discovered that led me to believe 9-11 was indeed an inside job and not just done by muslims, that there was a broader, more sinister agenda originating from the Oval Office to ignite American sentiment to wage war in Iraq by first waging war in Afghanistan. Two days after 9-11, I stumbled upon a secret US Marshal memo in an abandoned building of the World Financial Center, just three blocks from the burning ash heap that was Ground Zero. I was a first responder after 9-11 and when I went searching for s rest room, something led me into a deserted office in the World Financial Center whose lobby was open to first responders to rest in. I discovered a faxed memo from the US Marshal’s Office that had been faxed to this small office I wandered into. In the memo, the head of the US Marshal’s Office issued a warning, dated in July of 2001 that New York City was to be the target of a planned terror attack and that arab muslims were being searched for who had been detained by the FBI in Manhattan a week earlier but released before proper security checks could be made. They were spotted by police, photographing the federal building at 26 Federal Plaza on Broadway, a few blocks from the World Trade Center. They said they were simply tourists, the FBI seized the film from their cameras and let them go before checking their passports with the immigration bureau. Two days later, the immigration agents told the FBI the passport information was bogus. The FBI then developed the film from the camera belonging to one of the suspects. They had photographed several landmark buildings in New York City, including the Twin Towers. Their photographs revealed they especially took the time to photograph security guard booths and surveillance camera posts in and around these buildings. The FBI began a manhunt then but refused to confirm the story to the NY Post who received a tip about this from someone within the federal building. I later learned that the younger brother of President George W. Bush co-owned a security company called Strat Sec. His name was Marvin Bush. He owned the company with some arabs from Kuwait. Their company provided ‘security’ for the World Trade Center and United Airlines, beginning in 2000. Strat Sec would be short for Strategic Security, a kind of code name, if you will. They provided security guards and other security measures for the World Trade Center complex. They upgraded the surveillance cameras, emergency alarm systems, etc. They provided security screeners for United Airlines, two of whose jets would be hijacked on 9-11 with box cutters possibly being planted on thm. Marvin Bush happened to be in NYC on 9-11 for a scheduled meeting at the Twin Towers, though he stayed at a hotel far uptown when he could have stayed at a hotel across the street from the Twin Towers on 9-11. Suffice it to say, Marvin never ventured downtown on 9-11. A year before 9-11, former under secretary of defense for the first President Bush; Paul Wolfowitz, wrote a paper about America’s role in the world after the presumed fall of communism. Among the things he wrote in this paper, called the Wolfowitz Doctrine, was his belief that in order for America to justify another Desert Storm War against Iraq, a Pearl Harbor type attack against the US would be needed in order for the government to gain American support for another war. This was achieved with 9-11. As for myself; a day after 9-11 when I helped as a first responder, I stood across the street from the destroyed Twin Towers. I was next to a wall in front of a tall, black hotel whose lobby was being used as a temporary morgue. I saw this wall was covered with the toxic grey dust from the towers collapse and with it, the ashen remains of the 9-11 victims. I poked the tip of my index in that dust & ash and wrote the words: C’MON BUSH!, urging the president to retaliate against the terrorists, not realizing 9-11 could have been an inside job. I later walked inside Trinity Church on Broadway and Wall Street, whose rear graveyard faced the destroyed Twin Towers. This was one of the churches in 2000 where a golden calf idol was erected on Broadway. This was where I opened a Bible & discovered the Isaiah 33:18 prophecy but also later discovered a statue of an 18th century judge in the graveyard there with the same name as mine, John Watts. In his hand is a scroll of the Ten Commandments. Examine the way NIne-Eleven & Nineveh are spelled. I felt like Jonah.

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