Lethal Autonomous Weapons Singularity

  1. Due to Humanities often short-sighted nature, it has been an axiom of Western culture to live by the mantra “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.” 
  2. However, since the advent of the atomic bomb, the new axiom has been simply “Mutually Assured Destruction.” This idea has kept us in a state of relativistacally outdated, yet prolonged/perpetual warfare since 1945, shielded behind the might of our Great Equalizer.
  3. As we approach the midpoint of the 21st century digital revolution, it becomes obvious the arms race never stopped. Instead, it merely shifted forms to the pursuit of global superiority through automation of our biggest past-time; war. 
  4. Due to the increasing potency of raw computing power, algorithmic machine learning, and a desire to minimize loss of life of “our” people while maximizing death of “their” people, we approach the technological singularity of our choosing.
  5. On one hand, we break from the conditioning of our past, recognize the innate value of ALL life on Earth, and utilize Artificial Intelligence/factory automation to achieve what, until now, has only been a passing dream of our collective unconscious. Utopia, in which artificial scarcity is eliminated and humanity collectively pursues their individual passions, enabling a future of exploring and overcoming the tribulations that seeding the Universe with life through Space exploration will bring. Allowing us to continue on our path of spiritual evolution together as One.
  6. On the other hand, we choose the path we have always known and pursue destruction of that which we perceive as not “like” us. Our spiritual growth stagnates and retards, unable to process the reality that is so temptingly within arms reach for us all, instead locked into our juvenile and  tribalistic mentality as we cement our extinction through the pursuit of that last technological advancement… the one the hands over the fate of the entire Globe into the hands of a select few, the same notorious psychopaths that have contributed to such widespread suffering as it is. The first country to achieve fully autonomous lethal weaponry becomes the ruler of the world, despite clear recognition by the leading scientific minds that A.I. poses the biggest existential risk to us that we have ever known if we do not tread lightly. 
  7. In the development of fully autonomous killing systems, it is extremely likely that we will lose control of the system we are designing to secure our “liberation.”  With it, the automated deaths of men, women, and children the world over. It does not matter who achieves this form of domination first, for it will be a bittersweet and short-lived guarantee that they already created the successor to replace them.

We Collectively Enlighten, or Perish Eternal.


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