I don’t always Lucid Dream

I don’t always lucid dream but when I do it’s very memorable and has the feel of prophecy or deeper insight into otherwise veiled events and characters. This first one happened shortly before Trump was first elected. I am British and was not so much pro-Trump as I had become vehemently opposed to Hilary for various reasons. I became conscious in the dream face-to-face with Hilary as she was about to take the stage at a huge political rally or celebration. She grabbed me by the hand and I was taken aback by this vacant look in her eyes, like she was out of it on some kind of drug but high and very alert. As she was walking with me I was aware of a couple of conflicting factors – firstly, I knew that in my waking life I really disliked her, so I was surprised that my feelings towards her in the dream scenario were warm and open. I very definitely felt as if I liked her, but also that she was making me like her deliberately. I was simultaneously aware that she was somehow using me (‘me’, as in, whoever I really was in the dream) to enhance her popularity.


after this moment of great celebration on the big stage I found myself in another dream scene, dimly aware there was a connection with the last one, but Hillary was no more in the picture. I was staring in horror at a small military-industrial sort of convoy consisting, from what I could see, of at least two vehicles which were like silver-sided vans or small trucks. There was an atmosphere of great danger, secrecy and urgency as soldiers moved something resting on a large silver trolley or square pedestal type object from one of the vans to the other. I could see something which looked like dry ice smoke coming from at least one van, and assumed it was refrigerated. But what really arrested my horrified attention was a very large disembodied head of a man which was on the silver trolley. Extremely large so as to seem somewhat larger than life, the head was topped with thick, short but not neatly cropped shiny black hair and the complexion was an unusual reddish shade – somewhat like a native American Indian skin but less dark and more red, also very bright, possibly a bit wet with something. He had piercing blue eyes, his colouring all in all was unusually vibrant and not quite natural looking, but the terrible thing, of course, was that the head was fully conscious and actually staring at me.  It was impossible to judge his expression.


it was clear that they soldiers or operatives had to get this head transferred really fast or it would die. The sight was so upsetting and terrible that I had burst into tears at the first glimpse of it and was sobbing in the dream when a scientist in a white coat, a smallish middle aged man wearing glasses, spoke with me to calm me. He told me that the ‘man’ was very brave, that some sort of high technology experiment was occurring. I felt that he was only sharing certain details with my explicitly to help calm me down, and I don’t remember much more of what he said. He guided me away from the sight of the head and the vans/operatives to a table where we sat down and he distracted me with a sort of puzzle or game.


The lucid part of the dream ended here. Regarding the head, when I told someone about the dream they asked whether it might have been a cyborg. This wasn’t something I’d considered myself but it seems like a reasonable suggestion. Either way it was a very disturbing dream and I think that it tapped into something actual experiments being done along these lines which appeared in the news slightly later.


Regarding Hilary, she is one of several powerful and massively famous people I have encountered in the lucid dream or astral state, and each time I get a really unusual insight (or reflection of) their personality or something essential about them which is somewhat masked to the public perception and which I hadn’t really thought of before. The others I’ve ‘seen’ are Putin, Jeremy Corbyn, Pope John Paul II and Obama. The Obama one was part of a long and complex semi-astral experience and I won’t include it here.


With Jeremy Corbyn (I am not a supporter of his for Prime Minister whatsoever, I feel he’d be very dangerous, but I do agree with his anti-war stance) I became conscious walking alongside him. I was talking enthusiastically, as if trying to persuade him of something, whilst he was silent and sullen but listening. We arrived at a long, slippery, muddy slope, where we paused and I began to go down this slope, gesturing to him at the same time that I was pointing out to him a direction he had already agreed to take. I felt I was trying to help him by going first, as  we had previously agreed. As je stared down at me with the same sullen face I realised that he was going to back out of this agreement and to deny having made it, and then the dream vision then ended.


With Putin I seemed to be more ‘myself’ in the dream state than I had with Hillary and Corbyn. I ‘woke up’ in the dream at a very glitzy, high-octane political gathering or party, I think in a big hotel, and I was both excited to be there and nervous about the high-powered situation. I knew I had a mission to ‘interview’ Putin and it was very soon after becoming conscious that I found Putin and sat beside him on a couch. It was all very fleeting. He obviously knew of my wish to ‘interview’ him and was responding to that request, I think. It is very difficult to explain the feeling I got from him. He had, with some humour, told me to meet him up in his apartment/room. I had a feeling I could not refuse, all together with a sense that he was both utterly impenetrable and my mission was therefore hopeless, and also quite sleazy. The sleazy part is what surprised me. I was surprised by how turned off by him I felt and that this was a prominent feature of the dream.


John Paul II was a person I adored and even revered. Around 2009 was when the RC church was embroiled in the start of the hell which was the paedophilia scandal and crisis. As a Christian this had cut me to the very core and all but shattered my world view, already fragile because of how the ‘eschaton’, let’s call it, was unfolding. It was close to the end of his life and I had these burning questions I wanted to ask. Had he known what was happening? Somehow my honest but burning intention enabled me to achieve a semi astral state whereby I encountered the very frail, bent and aging Pontiff in the corridor outside his private apartment in the Vatican. I felt he had taken into himself – once so strong and vital – the burden of the evils which had taken hold in the church, and which had all but claimed his last bit of power and energy. I did not even know I was going to ask the question but he knew it anyway because I was given the answer from him in that telepathic ‘knowing’ way that happens in the astral state. He simply said that he hadn’t known and offered nothing further, and then opened the door to his office. He said I might as well see the view into the garden while I was there and opened the shutters or curtains. It was impossible not to be affected by this and it did take my breath away somewhat, as a sort of Triptych window with three portions was unveiled, visible behind which was pale golden grass and trees, that I just saw from my position near to the door. He was turning to face me from this vista when the dream experience ended.


That is it for now, thank you for reading my dream experience. A few days ago I also had a prophetic dream or even a remote view of a small tornado which very unusually happened in the UK.

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