Future in the next 20 years

Here in the UK flooding, air pollution and xenophobic attacks will grow within the next 3-5 years – particularly against Muslims and ethnic minorities. There will be turbulence, protests by the young and out of work, and dissention.

The space race will become a dangerous and hostile one – with India being one of the few countries truly driving forward with this as a result. See this a lot in my dreams – don’t know why. It will feel like a dangerous time. More so than now….cannot stress how bad the flooding will get. If things feel bad now you don’t know the half of it. 

But things will get better after the 5 year point. After that and within the next 20 years something changes which will reduce the need to have human governments calling the shots, or perhaps give more transparency – probably AI – but our lives will be happier. Green technology will dominate – and some buildings will be grown – not built. 

I see a cross being covered with dirt crawling all over it, but then a light blasts it off from the centre when it is all but covered – purifying everything once more. When the darkness seems at a point of no return, all shall be restored by an unexpected wash of light that was always at the core.

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