Fortuna Earthquake

I’m a California resident. I’ll keep it short. Recently I was present during the 6.4 earthquake in Northern California. Prior to the earthquake I was observing many white/blue orbs from everywhere to ground level to what appeared to be high atmosphere for about 2 weeks prior to the earthquake. I even had an event where one appeared to be following me as I was driving down to the central coast from eureka. I pulled over to allow it to pass because I thought it was headlights behind me and it seemed to float up into a pine and pretend to be a street lamp. I had been driving a lot and these are strange times so I just went about my business. Whatever I was experiencing didn’t seem ill willed. So I just kinda left it at that. I live on Shasta. Weird is the normal. There were lights in the sky that eve during my travels. Upon my return to my wife and young son in eureka i became incredibly agitated. Irrationally irritated. And I knew it. That afternoon I sent my wife and son to handle business that I left unfinished down in Santa Barbra. I was mad so she left without to much fuss pretty quickly. The earthquake hit at like 3:40 am than  following morning. I was present for it but they were not. This is a low to the ground town so my home was ok. They were salvaged the minute of 6.4 earthquakes. 
I believe in this cause. I believe Ingo is correct. And it is the greatest oversight of humanity that we do not put more attention on what this ability/experience has to offer. I believe. I did not always. Precognition would open a new world to mankind and we have it 

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