This was Lexi, my precious 4 year old Yorkie girl who died in my bed on November 19, 2017 after suffering wounds from people, deserving to be arrested for animal abuse. It (Lexi’s death) was something I tried long and hard to prevent because I had the briefest of dreams, a frozen snapshot image of Lexi’s face, frozen in a freakish grimace of pain, torture, misery, agony and suffering, a fate she did not deserve but received anyway. The dream, or nightmare, was simply like a freeze-frame photo image with no sound. It was like looking at a death mask of misery, of a tiny dog, weighing less than three pounds, who looked like she had been beaten, poisoned, paralyzed, terrorized, starved, her mouth was agape in the dream, blood covering her swollen tongue, her eyes were bulging, swollen in the dream but also looked like they had been blinded by something  where as before, her vision was perfect. In the dream, Lexi’s eyes looked like two abnormally black holes, as if eaten away by some kind acid. I had this a brief nightmare of a dream in July or August of 2016. Because it was so startling and pathetic an image, I woke immediately from it, shaken by what I had seen, a dreadful destiny that was waiting for Lexi, that loomed over me and clouded my mind for weeks on end, as I could not shake it out of my consciousness. I did not want to believe that Lexi was the dog I had seen in my dream. Lexi had a beautiful face. The dog in my dream had a pitiful  expression on her face, like the faces of concentration camp corpses who were beaten, tortured and starved to death by the Nazis. Months went by and after a while, I dismissed the dream, thinking it could not have possibly been about Lexi, especially after my wife’s girlfriend lost a Yorkie boy dog who was killed by a Rottweiler, who literally chewed  the little terrified Yorkie’s head and face into a bloody pulp. So even though I had never before met or seen this Yorkie boy dog who was killed by the Rottweiler, I made the mistake of assuming my nightmare had been about him. So I let my guard down and was less careful with Lexi, thinking she could never be hurt by me or anyone in my home. This is very difficult for me to write because I still do not understand the hellish events that would occur 13 or 14 months later but they did and they resulted in Lexi’s premature and painful death, which fulfilled the prophecy of the dream I had of her dying. The dream did not give me enough information about Lexi’s death or how it would happen or the things that would lead up to it because if the dream had done that, I would have been on the lookout to prevent it. But because I failed to heed the dream as a warning about the near future, a warning that I could have used in order to thwart Lexi’s injuries and subsequent death, an alternative future for Lexi would have resulted, a better one but that was not to be. Also, my dream did not tell me where exactly Lexi would die. She would die in my bed a little more than a year after my having the dream but with exactly the same horrid facial expression as I foresaw in my dream, for on that day, November 19, 2017, when I went in my bedroom to fetch Lexi, she would not turn over to face me nor make a sound in response to my trying to pick her up. When I tried to lift her from my bed, she was as stiff as a board, which made it harder for me to lift her but when I finally managed to turn her over to face me, I suddenly and shockingly came face to face with the face of agony I had encountered in that dire dream sequence – Lexi’s tortured death mask. Her death resulted from a series of accidents, mishandling on my part and lastly, from the shock of having two of her teeth ripped out of her mouth by a lunatic, lesbian born-again Christian dog breeder who moved into my home with Lexi at the invitation of my then wife, who decided she’d be happier living as a lesbian with her new found, 300 pound love interest. Sadly, Lexi got caught up in the midst of this chaos that flooded my home with endless arguments, threats and fights between me and my ex wife and her butch lover who promised to leave her three homes in her will, upon her death. My ex wife is still waiting for her buddy to die so she can live happily ever after with her soon-to-be new found wealth. But poor Lexi got trapped in this mess for a year and a half before she died as a direct result of them poisoning her and tearing out two of her teeth that had nothing wrong with them. How God allows such things is beyond me. Lexi’s murder threw me into a state of shock, grief and mourning, resulting in a severe state of depression for me and a nervous breakdown because if I had heeded the dream, if I had tried to use my sixth sense to gain additional data from the dream, I might have been able to save Lexi from the nightmarish death she would ultimately suffer. I cry day after day for Lexi who became my little daughter after her butch dog breeder of an owner abandoned her to me. For though this butch lived in my home against my wishes in order to sleep with my wife, at the time, the butch paid no attention to Lexi and her feeding and cleaning was left for me to do. This created a close, loving bond between Lexi and I, though there were times when I was careless with her and she got hurt. I would swear to Lexi over  and over again I would be more careful in handling her in the future and that she would never again be hurt but that nightmare I had of her kept chasing me as 2016 turned into 2017. My problems with my wife and her same sex love companion who was a Trojan horse to my marriage, my home and my life, played a key role in what would eventually explode in a tumultuous crescendo of suffering for little Lexi that lasted for three weeks and ended suddenly, only hours after the butch, who worked as a vet tech, tore out Lexi’s teeth needlessly. I stood there and watch this horror unfold right before my eyes. Four weeks earlier the butch had me arrested on a false charge I had assaulted her when it was she who assaulted me during an argument. My ex wife got an order of protection to force me out of my home in order to force me to get my own apartment and strong-arm  me into a divorce settlement favorable to her. I am sorry to relate all this but I wanted you to understand that Lexi was trapped in the cross hairs of this madness. The love and devotion this little Yorkie had for me was unequaled to anything I had ever before experienced. I pray to Lexi every night, begging her to forgive me, in failing to protect her from the nightmare that became reality.

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