Aliens sent a message to me

As a psychic who has been on the ascension trajectory since 1988, I am regularly party to visions, messages and experiences. The recent message, as per the title, occured about 2016 during a connection to crystals focussed meditation in Queensland, Australia.

The crystal, a 150g yellow calcite ball, projected a transmission from an alien lifeform that declared its origin as being from the other end of the universe. At any rate, many light years away from earth.

I am not certain of the sex of the alien being, since, during the transmission, I did not feel the being had either definitively male or female sex.

The being expressed deep remorse and sadness over the state of things on Earth. I sensed it was a feeling of frustration, disappointment, resignation and loss of hope.

In the transmission, the being explained that its race had been looking on at events on earth from a safe distance and had been forward to coming to earth to merge with human beings. Merge in the sense of sharing their technology with humans and leading us in new directions in all areas including space travel, medicine, computers, education, light, energy and communication.

The being was able to impress just how incredible this technology is, and how excited it was about the merger.

It expressed how we have it wrong on many levels, in particular the civil unrest on earth; in-fighting in wars, famines, poverty etc. And that this was not the way to advance and make progress.

It explained that it’s species were looking forward to arriving in a big way, ie. Landing en masse with many spaceships and individuals in a peaceful event, then beginning a utopian vision of shared life, but due to the situations on earth, they can not arrive and feel forced to hide and remain in hiding indefinitely.

It explained that for their species to be able to arrive and achieve their dream of the peaceful merger with earth, the entire planet and all its people must first be at a state of global harmony or world peace.

Until such time that global world peace is in place, it would be useless for them to make any attempt to show up en mass, hence the deep sadness and disappointment in the message.

We are clearly missing out on the greatest reward of all time by failing to attain global world peace.

This transmission inspired me and since then, I have shared its message everywhere possible. Please share this report in your network.

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