The future can be foreseen, at least enough to alert us to much we really do need to know.

To this end is now extended an open invitation to anyone who experiences dreams, premonitions, visions about future events to post them using the Premonitions page.

A Central Prophecy Registry

History has provided us with thousands upon thousands of examples of prophetic fore-warnings (many even in print) before the events they predicted occurred.

These predictions refer to a multitude of important matters such as droughts, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, the economy, the stock market, to tragedies of all kinds, to unexpected opportunities, to destructive and constructive trends — most of which, when they came true, affected vast amounts of people and their well-being.

If a Central Prophecy Registry existed where predictions (premonitions, dreams, visions) could be collected, perhaps the events portended could be avoided or taken advantage of.

– Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann's American Prophecy Project

In November 1989, Ingo Swann launched his American Prophecy Project and invited anyone to send him their prophecies stating:

“It is quite clear, to my mind at least, that humanity is missing an unparalleled opportunity by not undertaking organized efforts to constructively collect, evaluate and benefit from the implications of fore-warnings. It is possible to state that humanity probably suffers more than it needs to by refusing to recognize that the future can be and often is foreseen. It is patently clear that when the future is not foreseen, and when people cannot foresee the real results of their own activities, the future and those activities can be, as they often are, responsible for terrible outcomes.”

This project ran until December 1990. During this one-year period, Ingo published monthly newsletters summarizing his evaluation and analysis of the the various predictions, including more than eighty pre­dictions and forecasts, all of which were specific enough to be judged against subsequent media reports and other verifying sources. A selection of these predictions and his accompanying analyses was published in Ingo’s book Your Nostradamus Factor.

Who was Ingo Swann?

INGO SWANN (September 14, 1933 – January 31, 2013) artist, writer, father of remote viewing, was internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions.

He was an exceptionally successful subject in parapsychology experiments. As a child he spontaneously had numerous paranormal experiences, mostly of the OBE type, the future study of which became a major passion as he matured. In 1970, he began acting as a parapsychology test subject in tightly controlled laboratory settings with numerous scientific researchers. Because of the success of most of these thousands of test trials, major media worldwide often referred, to him as “the scientific psychic.”  His subsequent research on behalf of American intelligence interests, including that of the CIA, won him top PSI-spy status. His involvement in government research projects required the discovery of innovative approaches toward the actual realizing of subtle human energies. He viewed PSI powers as only parts of the larger spectrum of human sensing systems.

To learn more about Ingo Swann, his life, work, art and books, please visit his website.

What is The Prophecy Project?

The Prophecy Project website is a relaunching by the Estate of Ingo Swann of Ingo’s idea that there is an innate warning system within us all, with the goal of serving as a data warehouse available to all to wish to share their premonitions and/or to learn from them. 

For questions/comments please contact: centralprophecyregistry@gmail.com.

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