Chains breaking

People being freed when they don’t see they aren’t. Many lies to be exposed, many topics very off limits to question will be shown to be fabricated or at least vastly exaggerated  Some won’t accept. Back to nature 

Golden Future

About twenty years ago, when I was riding on my bike from the city to my home town in the afternoon, I saw like a vision unravel infront of my inner eye, where I saw the sun growing brighter and brighter and a human change form turning from the body structure we know into a transparent like golden light body. It was impressive and the vision stuck with me throughout


i have correctly predicted the future many times over with Name/Date/Place the info comes through for me when someone else is there co-operating and writing down the info i say orally while in an altered state.I am looking for that partner who is willing to work with me. Toronto Area must be available to meet in person on a regular basis.FYI: Thanks! Hope to hear from you and look forward

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