A great turbulence across the land

A great turbulence will wash across the land then subside when the donkey is put in the place of honor. GS


Mount Olympus, Mount Tartarous, Mount Ararat… Wherever the “throne” mentioned in revelations etc actually is, one truth is undeniable. The candidates are arriving and the winner so to speak will stand to be the new messiah.   I’ve read some of your prophecies and to be honest, I find them to be impressive to say the least (not that my oppinion matters much).    There is one scratching at the

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Singularity

Due to Humanities often short-sighted nature, it has been an axiom of Western culture to live by the mantra “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.”  However, since the advent of the atomic bomb, the new axiom has been simply “Mutually Assured Destruction.” This idea has kept us in a state of relativistacally outdated, yet prolonged/perpetual warfare since 1945, shielded behind the might of our Great Equalizer. As we approach the midpoint

LHC dream

I dreamt that the Haddon Collier exposed a rift between this world and another. It was like a new ocean but they could not cross over but we could with psychic people.

Marshall Law

full blown Marshall Law in the US will be soon… Very soon. After that will be earth shift.

I don’t always Lucid Dream

I don’t always lucid dream but when I do it’s very memorable and has the feel of prophecy or deeper insight into otherwise veiled events and characters. This first one happened shortly before Trump was first elected. I am British and was not so much pro-Trump as I had become vehemently opposed to Hilary for various reasons. I became conscious in the dream face-to-face with Hilary as she was about


Ingo OBE ‘took me’  out into space , showing from a safe distance  ‘two bright suns’ colliding..him screaming: ‘Humans do not understand..Mars is not far enough!’ Feels close, maybe 5 years (10 at most) One sun feels like Earth itself. Observing was devestating to us both. This was almost 2 years ago.

Hurricane Dorian

(Jacksonville, NC area) not Florida 

Test post

Test post

Plane crash

Plane crash,with two survivors December 2019

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