Volcano Eruption

In my dream I was sitting on a rooftop of a building in someplace that was tropical. We were on island separated from a larger body of land on each side. My brother and his kids were present (never seen or met these people). In the distance I watched steam rise up out of the ocean almost in a perfect horizontal line. Followed by lava. The extreme heat or break

Planet Collision Dream

Many years ago, I had a dream.  I was on the lawn, in the front yard, of the home I grew up in. My mother and sister were with me, my brother and father were absent, but their energy was there.  My Mother, Sister and I sat on the front lawn holding each other and gently wept. Up in the sky, there was a planet on a collision course with

Project Roosevelt

A USG funded project called Project Roosevelt (or a variation of the name Roosevelt or name connected to Roosevelt somehow) will be enacted within Biden’s administration. It has to do with space. Possibly something to do with extraterrestrial.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Mid December of 2019 I told a friend of mine that something terrible was about to happen in 2020.  I saw lots of death, riots, poverty, fire, and general sense of terror.  I was talking with my friend and mention that it was around this time last year I mentioned about 2020.  While I was telling him that, I suddenly felt a wave of depression like I felt last time. 


This was an insignificant dream I dreamed it and it did occur the next day exactly as I had seen it in my dream.  We had a family reunion and there was to be a badminton tournament with each family playing another. I had dreamed that I smashed the shuttlecock hitting my sister-in-law in the face which scored the winning point for my clan. And that is exactly what happened.

Trump Election Dream

On the morning of October 20, I dreamed I was with a number of people in a public place. I forget what we were concerned with, but it was not politics. Suddenly, we heard a woman speaking over a public address system. I could not understand a word she said, so I was about to make a joke about her using a string attached to a paper cup, when someone

fire from the sky

i have had many eerie dreams, most of which end with fire. the sky turns red and the clouds turn dark grey, either asteroids or nuclear devices set fire to the earth and level massive cities. what i have seen hints to devastation hitherto unseen. i do not know exactly when it will occur but i do know it will be within the next 100 years.


Volcanic activity South China Sea – Tsunami – Asia impact. Timeline:  3 months – 3 years. Tectonic plate instability with increasing geoglobal destabilization and external influence on weather patterns. Trigger – extensive gas and deep sea mining operations in sensitive areas without determining long range impact. Combined influence: pings from the sun. Warning signs are fires and development of heat pockets followed by intense storms, global flooding. Weather patterns will

Plane crash no survivors

There will be a plane crash from Minneapolis to Las Vegas on Nov 11 2020

China poisons water

Dream of China releasing some sort of poison to harm the West coast of the United States in the ocean water

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