Future in the next 20 years

Here in the UK flooding, air pollution and xenophobic attacks will grow within the next 3-5 years – particularly against Muslims and ethnic minorities. There will be turbulence, protests by the young and out of work, and dissention. The space race will become a dangerous and hostile one – with India being one of the few countries truly driving forward with this as a result. See this a lot in

Aliens sent a message to me

As a psychic who has been on the ascension trajectory since 1988, I am regularly party to visions, messages and experiences. The recent message, as per the title, occured about 2016 during a connection to crystals focussed meditation in Queensland, Australia. The crystal, a 150g yellow calcite ball, projected a transmission from an alien lifeform that declared its origin as being from the other end of the universe. At any


Huge fireballs are falling from the sky and crashing like bombs incinerating anything the fire touches. People can’t travel because there are so many fireballs falling. People are in their houses. 2/3 of the population are already dead or missing

End of the world

Everyone is underground hiding for their lives. Everyone is moving in one direction with no belongings. Trying to hurry down the passage way tunnel

portrait of francis bacon dream 42

The last thing I read at Seattle Public Library before the region’s public libraries shut (the University of Washington campus and coffee shops had already shut) for coronavirus pandemic panic was a disappointment. The April 2020 edition of Psychology Today promised an article on “coincidence” on its cover, and I hoped to encounter other serious researchers in the field of Jung’s synchronicity theory. Instead, the author started with a few

Bridge Collapsing

Dream of a bridge collapsing due to mistake in build. Will be publicized.

Planet Splitting In Half

Watched a planet that looked similar to Earth split in half and started rotating in opposite directions all the while pulling away from each other and coming back together as if we’re held together by a rubber-band. Then a white light came from the center and blasted out from the center. Woke up after this.

Rainbow People

Watched a protest begin. Felt lots of tension in air. Couldn’t make out words on boards. Something about rainbows representing the majority of who showed up. Furious/Emotional/Outcry -JonesRef

The space craft

This dream had a strange connection.  I dreamt that I was lowering down into the cockpit of a aircraft.  I remember locking into my gear and I was on my back looking up at the larger ship I was docked to.  It was massive.  The size was that of a planet at least.  The next thing I recall is flying the ship.  I am using my mind to do so. 

The five dragons

I have a repeated dream.  I am walking up a hill.. there is smoke billowing up over the top of the hill.  I can hear screaming blasts.  I can smell the smoke and burning flesh.  It is a smell you never forget. I reach the top of the hill and see a great battle going on in the valley.  there are five dragons in they sky that change color from

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