November 2018

Heaven or Hell

When I was like 7 years old I was ridding my bike to the store. A appreciation of some sort asked me if I wanted to go to heaven or hell. I was scarred and said heaven. Stuck will me these past 40 years.  

Flight 370 discovery

I had a dream a few months ago. I dreamed my alarm went off and I heard on the clock radio that they found the Malaysia flight 370 jet had been found on an island intact but the cargo, crew and passengers were nowhere to be found.  So “The mystery remains” according to the radio news.

Nuclear Explosion 2075

A while ago in meditation, I was shown an atomic bomb blast going off. Everything was sickly green and I crouched down behind the remains of an old building as the blast went off. The vision was extremely vivid and it felt like I was there. A voice said that this will occur in 2075. I have no idea why I was shown this or what I’m supposed to do

Airliner Crash Arctic

This past Friday in meditation I saw an airliner crash into the ocean. It was someplace cold as there were many large ice chunks floating in the water. People were in the water and there was some sort of problem finding or using the life rafts. There will not be much time for rescue.

A call to the light workers

Call me Armand, I am an Empath our goal is to awaken light workers for a battle against dark forces. We are spiritual warriors. A true warrior takes up arms for what they believe in. We live or die no matter we will do it with the honor bestowed upon us by God. It is our goal to right the wrong that has now been exposed, Empath’s can see this

Martin Mull/Ski Patrol

At dinner one night a friend asked me if I was going to finish qualifying for ski patrol. I explained to him that I had recently purchased a season Ski pass for the first time in three years and my goal was to “get back on the horse”.  (We suffered the tragic death of our 13 year old son Cameron in 2014, Cameron had been my ski buddy since he

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